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India Orissa Tribal Empowerement and Livelihoods Programme - Learning and Innovation

Author: Deep Joshi


Interesting and detailed reading on learning and innovation from the OTELP Project in India. The Rural Poultry Farming based on low input technology worked particularly well in promoting tribal from casual rearers to mini entrepreneur in poultry sector. Regarding the Rural Financial Services, the Project is yet to ascertain few aspirations from the community with regards to taking a lead role in initiating and implementing civic initiatives and enhancing their knowledge. Iteresting innovations have been noted in the effective utilization of floor space of an overhead water storage tank as educational information and the participatory INRM planning tool- Land Capability Classification (LCC) Wheel.

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Language:  English (United States)
Development Themes: Microenterprises Natural Resource Management Community Based Development Agriculture Rural Finance
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Learning and Innovations from Supervision and Mid-Term Review Missions
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