Name Code Countries Type
Programme for Linking Smallholder Livelihoods of Poor Smallholder Farmers to Emerging Environmentally Progressive Agro-Industrial Markets (CIAT-1031) Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam Regional Project
Programme For Linking the Poor to Global Markets: Pro-Poor Development of Biofuel Supply Chains (ICRISAT-974) China, Colombia, India, Mali, Philippines, Vietnam Regional Project
Programme for the Development of Alternative Biofuel Crops (ICRAF-1317) Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, India, Mali, Nicaragua, Philippines, Zambia Regional Project
Programme on Livelihoods and Ecosystem Services in the Himalayas: Enhancing Adaptation Capacity and Resilience of the Poor to Climate and Socio-Economic Changes (ICIMOD-1113) Bhutan, India, Nepal Regional Project
logo Programme on Rewards for Use of and Shared Investment in Pro-Poor Environmental Services (RUPES II) China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam Regional Project
Project for Adaption to Climate Change in the Mekong Delta in Ben Tre Provinces(1664-AMD-bentre) 1664 Vietnam Country Project
Project for Adaption to Climate Change in the Mekong Delta in Tra Vinh Provinces(1664-AMD-travinh) 1664 Vietnam Country Project
Project for Agricultural Development and Economic Empowerment (PADEE) 1559 Cambodia Country Project
Project for Market and Pasture Management Development (PMPMD) 1455 Mongolia Country Project
Promoting Agricultural Commercialization and Enterprises Project(1648-PACE) 1648 Bangladesh Country Project
Pro-Poor Partnerships for Agroforestry Development Project (3PAD) 1477 Vietnam Country Project
Pro-poor Policy Approaches to Address Risk and Vulnerability at the Country Level (FAO-1286) Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Vietnam Regional Project
Qinghai Liupan Mountain Area Poverty Reduction Project (1702-LMAPRP) 1702 China Country Project
logo Rapid Food Production Enhancement Programme (RaFPEP) 1485 Philippines Country Project
Reducing Risk for Arsenic Contamination for Poor People (IRRI-1063) Bangladesh Regional Project
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