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Call for expression of interest to develop the business plan for Value-chain Capacity Building-Network

Display Date: 7/13/17

As agriculture and food markets have expanded in Asia and the Pacific, Asia Pacific Region’s (APR) financing of pro-poor market systems has grown substantially. In spite of the growing opportunities, IFAD implementing partners face significant challenges in effectively integrating smallholders through development of functional/improved market systems. The diversity in contexts under which market systems are being promoted/ facilitated denotes that there is no single, simple blueprint. There are also significant gaps and variability in the capacities/competencies of implementing partners to effectively develop, execute and scale inclusive and poverty-reducing market systems.

To address these challenges, IFAD provides a grant with the overall goal that Governments and IFAD implementing partners in India, Indonesia, China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Laos are identifying, designing, successfully implementing, measuring and scaling up market system development initiatives that increase incomes of the rural poor. The primary objective is to establish a self-sustaining network of regional and national centres of excellence to provide the technical expertise and training required to support IFAD’s executing partners in developing and scaling up successful business models of market systems.

To support the development of the Value-chain Capacity Building Network (VCB-N), the Project Coordination Unit is preparing a sustainability strategy to run the VCB-N beyond the duration of the IFAD grant period. The strategy will include a business plan and an operational network structure that prepares the VCB Network to function without additional IFAD grant money and support of the PCU.

We are looking for qualified organization(s) to review, refine and modify the organizational and business strategy of the VCB Network.

For details on objectives and requirement, please see in the attached ToR.

Expression of interests shall include:

·       CV of the consultant (this may include CVs of at least two but no more than three individuals in case an organizations is bidding);

·       Institution/company profile if applicable;

·       Technical and Financial proposal including daily fees and travel budget;

·       Proposed time schedule.

Interested candidates (institution or individual) should send their expression of interests to Thuy Vu, Project Coordination Unit and email: by 15th of August 2017


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