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Rural Finance

Content related to: rural finance, microfinance, insurance, formal and informal financial institutions, banking, lending, credit and savings

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Supervision Mission to Tejaswini Maharashtra

Meera Mishra

The overall goal of the programme is to enable poor women to make use of choices, spaces and opportunities in the economic, social and political spheres for their improved well-being.

This would be achieved through four purpose level objectives:

  • ·         Creation of strong and sustainable SHGs and SHG apex organizations
  • ·         Provide access to micro finance services
  • ·         New and improved livelihood opportunities
  • ·         Access to functional education, labour saving infrastructure and participation in local governance

The Review will look at component progress and achievements since inception to date based on the overall Programme and individual component implementation, delivery of outputs, progress towards reaching targets and objectives as stipulated in Annual Work plans and Budgets and other relevant documents.


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