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Human Resource Management – International Context

Bangkok, Thailand
MDF Asia Phone: +84 (0)24 6258 4438

Why this course 

Managing Human Resources (HR) is a key function in modern organisations. HR is everyone’s responsibility with line managers playing a crucial role.

In this training, you will review and update core HR tools and skills such as HR planning, recruitment, staff performance management and development. Furthermore, you will enhance your skills to be a strategic partner to support the organisation in achieving its organisational objectives.


Course objectives 

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand trends and challenges in HRM.
  • Understand the roles HR plays in organisations, and relate this to your professional development.
  • Have updated skills in HRM functions - competency management, recruitment, performance management & development, retention & outflow.
  • Have updated skill as an HR champion and strategic partner - coaching, advising, negotiation, influencing.
  • Have enhanced understanding and skill to facilitate change.


Course agenda

Day 1: Introduction to strategic HRM

  • HRM Trends and Challenges
  • Roles of the HR Manager / Officer
  • Strategic HR planning

Day 2: HR functions

  • Competency management
  • Steps and skills for recruitment 
  • Performance management
  • Staff development

Day 3: HR fundamentals and skills

  • Staff motivation and engagement
  • Retention and outflow
  • Feedback and coaching skills for HR professionals

Day 4: Facilitating change

  • Understanding organisational cultures
  • Facilitating change in organisations
  • HRM and Ethical challenges
  • Personal reflection and action planning

Registrations end:16 July 2019

Course fee: €870 (excl tax)

Training Organizer: MDF Training and Consultancy - Vietnam Office

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