Site Hosts Discussion Thread
This thread is for site hosts to discuss issues arising from use of their sites.
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Brainstorming amongst Knowledge Facilitators
Recently Ankita Handoo, the KM Officer from India has been thinking about how to cover KM in supervision, and the possibility of developing standard...
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Document Sharing
During Sergio's Bogazzi's visit to the KF training, we were discussing the IFAD Disclosure Policy. It seems most of the participants were...
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[General] RE: Introductions
Hi! I'm Jun Virola, Operations and MIS Officer of AFA (Asian Farmers' Association for Sustainable Rural Development) who's trying to transform himself...
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[General] RE: Introductions
Hi Jun, Nice to meet you! I like your profile picture. I received the AFA electronic newsletter today in my email box. I hope that we will be hearing...
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