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Rooftops for urban farming? Have your say

Display Date: 9/26/13

The IFAD newsclipping service sent a link to an article today about urban farming - essentially the practice of using rooftops for growing edible plants. It seems to generate a lot of opinions around its feasibility, as well as questions about urban pollution at an elevated level, and weight considerations. Read the article here

What do you think? Is this a serious feasible option for urban environments of the future?

Roof-top farming is certainly an interesting idea, but I wonder if it something that falls within IFAD's mandate of reaching poor rural people. Vegetable (and maybe livestock production) in cities can supplement diets and even generate some income. Although poor urban people may not have access to suitable roof-tops, there can be space available, even in crowded slums. See:

Your link was to urban food production in developed countries - and there are similar initiatives in India which focus on green issues rather than poverty. See:

Posted on 9/29/13 12:28 PM.


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