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Ideas needed for Knowledge Management

Display Date: 5/9/13

Dear Friends,

I am in process of developing knowledge management strategy of Convergence of Agriculture Intervention of Maharashtra, India project. I need inputs on activities to improve the knowledge management in the project. We are working at three levels 1) the community institutions, 2) Implementing Partners (+50 agencies), 3) Staff of CAIM (+35 people).

I would be happy if anybody could share various activities/ apporaches you have experienced to improve both external & internal knowledge sharing.



Hi Ekta
This is part of the whole debate about how we should be 'doing''s very broad! I would be interested to know what elements of the existing CAIM KM plan, which I read here on IDADAsia you intend to keep, and which you will remove. Having read through it, my views were that it is fairly ambitious, but I think you already have quite a few good things.

Posted on 5/10/13 7:26 AM.

Dear Cleona,
Thanks for responding my query. As suggested by SRM I am in process to include both external and internal sharing mechanisms in CAIM. Though I know the general practices but I am willing to hear experiences of others . More than how we should do (ideally) I want to know how people are already doing it in their projects (tested & workable).

Posted on 5/10/13 8:08 AM in reply to Cleona Wallace.

Dear Ekta, my name is Ariel Halpern and work for PROCASUR ( I would be more than happy to share with you our perspective on project and country scale KM for change. If interested, please contact me at

Posted on 5/31/13 7:17 AM in reply to Ekta Bartarya.


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