The Young Professional Programme (YPP)
RMLSP programme finances “Young Professional Programme” (YPP), which allow young, national technical professionals recently graduated from agriculture universities to work with the RMLSP for a minimum of two years in order to acquire a practice-oriented, first work experience. The benefits of the program are  mutual: the young graduates while get field exposure and concrete work...
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Pass on the Gift Policy
Dairy Goat project is a sub-component under RMLSP.  The project objective is to provide poor rural households, especially women, with the skills, knowledge and initial inputs they require in order to engage in profitable dairy goat and forage production to increase their income and improve the nutritional status of their families. The programme focuses on disseminating technological...
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Innovation & Learning: Case Study 2
SRI: Innovative technology as driver of food security for the upland shifting cultivators in Dima Hasao District of Assam in India   Brief description of challenges in Dima Hasao district  Shifting cultivation (jhum) is the main source of livelihood (food production) of the communities in the upland areas of the district besides non timber forest produce (NTFP) particularly...
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Innovation & Learning: Case Study 1
COMMUNITY LEVEL- MIS   Challenge The Project activities are implemented in the community level and monitoring has always been a challenge for the project team. A tool to track the project progress at the village level and maintenance of a management and information system (MIS) for the CBOs, to facilitate better management of resources and monitoring & evaluation, was felt...
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$100 million of climate smart smallholder #agriculture for Vietnam #CBA6
This afternoon at the 6th Global Community-Based Adaptation conference in Hanoi, Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and IFAD shared their experience in making IFAD’s 2012-2017 strategic planning document for Vietnam climate smart. (these documents at IFAD are known as “Results Based Country Strategic Opportunities Programmes” or COSOPs ). IFAD’s portfolio in...
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