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The student who left Army School of Afghanistan because of financial problems

 Story of Abdul Motableb

Abdul Motaleb, 26, had to give up his studies in the Afghan Army School to take over the role of breadwinner from his aging father.

When the health of his father—now 80 plus years old—began deteriorating,Abdul Motaleb knew he had to leave school and abandon his dream of completing his education.

“Nowadays in Afghanistan, it is really hard to continue your study if your family has very low income,” said Abdul Motaleb. “The state universities and the army school are providing young people from poor families like me an opportunity to earn a degree for free, but this is only possible if there is at least one person, other than yourself, earning a living for the family.”

This was not the case for Abdul Moteleb. Both his aging parents, his one sister and four young brothers in their village in Argoh Torouq, Badakhshan, were relying on him to bring the income to meet household needs, including the education of his school-aged sister, which was important to the family.

Thanks to FMFB, Abdul Motaleb was able to transition from being a student to becoming the income earner through a microcredit. Once he decided to pursue livestock rearing, Abdul Motaleb applied to FMFB for his first loan of AFN 120,000.

Since that first loan, he has never looked back. When his household income started stabilizing and he was able to fully repay the first loan, Abdul Motaleb applied for a second loan of AFN 160,000 to expand his business.

Today, he earns around AFN 8,000 per month where before he use to earn 2 to 3 thousand AFN and he is able to put away some savings for the family on top of that. His sister is able to continue going to school, and someday soon, Abdul Motaleb, who recently got engaged, will marry and has no fears of not having enough money to support his extended family.

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