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Agriculture continues to be the mainstay of rural livelihood in most project countries.

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How Cross-Sectoral Partnerships Help Smallholders Deliver a More Food Secure Future

A multi-stakeholder discussion to determine which partnership models work and where challenges remain.




-CropLife International

-Ministy of Agriculture and Irrigation, Myanmar


The world’s 500 million smallholder farmers will play a major part in delivering a more food secure future. However they face a variety of existential challenges – natural, financial, and legislative – which no single organization covers comprehensively. Making smallholder farmers more resilient and productive will therefore require active collaboration across a variety of sectors, in the spirit of the CFS and SDG17 (Partnerships for the Goals).

This side event, hosted by CABI and with the participation of IFAD, CropLife International and the Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, will draw together a selection of food security, agricultural and plant health stakeholders to share their experiences of how cross-sectoral partnerships have enabled smallholders to become more productive and resilient.


Although food security is our common goal, our experiences engaging in partnerships are different. By bringing together the perspectives of donors, the public sector, the private sector and the NGO/CSO sector, we hope to offer valuable insights into which partnership models work and where challenges remain. Only together can we help smallholders end hunger, combat climate change and ensure sustainable production patterns by 2030.

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