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First Debriefing for 2011 supervision mission

Dear All, I just wanted to share with you that this afternoon we had a very successful debriefing meeting for the India Project NERCORMPII.  For those of you interested in reading the minutes, just let me know. Cheers, Mehry

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With relation to the issue of the timing and content of baseline surveys raised by Mark Wilson, it is important to note that the supervision mission report noted that the livelihood initiatives are not based on “a diagnosis of the local resource regime” but are “uniform across locations”. They go on to state that “such an approach risks missing the larger objective of promoting more sustainable and productive resource management systems”. This underscores the need for a more detailed baseline that goes beyond socio-economic data at the project design stage. The importance of this is further supported when taking into consideration adaptation responses to climate change.

Posted on 3/24/11 11:56 AM.


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