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Agribusiness Cluster Work

In order to buy and promote safe vegetable production for its customers, Fresh Green Garden is required to promote production under UV greenhouses. Likewise, Khmer Modern Farming Company was also invited to examine these issues with other early-adopters who are willing to invest in such technology in the last Vegetable Agribusiness Cluster business dialogue in Kampot, and it was arranged by PADEE co-investment fund representatives from GDA and PDAFF. Firstly, farmers will invest 30% of the total investment. For example, two farmers wish to invest in a 300m2 UV greenhouse (USD 1,550) contributing for USD 465, or four farmers wish to invest in a 200m2 UV greenhouse (USD 1,040) contributing for USD 312. Secondly, PADEE will invest 70% of the total investment for a total USD 7,260. However, because 30% is very important for most farmers to invest, so Fresh Green Garden allowed famers by offering 15% progression toward them by getting back value from the supplied safe vegetable from them. Finally, it demonstrates that agribusiness cluster dialogue is able to concrete and effective solution for everyone’s advantages. Plus, it can be considered that smallholder farmers as Business Associate by other companies. Also, it is clearly demonstrate how smallholder farmers can pull out their poverty and turn into a fair and sustainable manner.

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