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World Café day for IFAD Nepal project staff!

IFAD Nepal Country Programme Workshop Day 2

24 August 2013

World Café day for IFAD Nepal project staff!

All the participants were seen more enthusiastic to participate in the working groups on the second day of the event with the objective to improve project delivery. The group work was conducted through the world café method where the groups had to rotate tables and exchange their ideas for the solutions for the project implementation issues identified on the first day. The group formation was by their functions. There were four groups with 8-10 participants per group: Project managers and Accountants, Implementers, M&E and Planning Officers and Technical staff. Most of them did not know about the world café’ method, however it was welcomed with much eagerness and excitement. Some of the participants were so interested and gripped to their own groups that they didn’t want to change tables! 

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