The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a specialized agency of the United Nations, was established as an international financial institution in 1977. IFAD is dedicated to eradicating rural poverty in developing countries. Working with poor rural people, governments, donors, non-governmental organizations and many other partners, IFAD focuses on country-specific solutions, which can involve increasing poor rural people's access to financial services, markets, technology, land and other natural resources. For more information, visit the website:


IFADAsia is a web portal, which offers IFAD stakeholders and partners a new way collaborative way to work. It provides a platform for increasing operations effectiveness, networking and sharing knowledge.

IFADAsia is the successor to the ENRAP3 project, and has been developed in-house by APR in partnership with IFAD's ICT division.

It contains sites for each IFAD loan and grant project, and each IFAD country programme within the Asia and Pacific region. In one and a half years, the community has grown to more than 1800 members, and continues to get bigger and better every day.


Why do we need IFADAsia?

The situation before IFADAsia:

  • Many country and project websites, not controlled by IFAD
  • Dispersed locations (URLs, hosting etc.)
  • Lack of networking, knowledge sharing and communication
  • Increased costs and development time

The situation with IFADAsia:

Who can join IFADAsia?

IFADAsia welcomes anyone who works with or has an interest in IFAD-funded programmes in the region, including:

  • IFAD Project staff

  • IFAD Country Office staff

  • IFAD HQ Staff (APR and all other divisions)

  • Consultants & interns

  • Government Partners

  • Co-financiers

  • Implementing partners & NGOs

  • Academic Community


How is IFADAsia different from

IFADAsia does not represent IFAD as an organisation, as does; it represents the network, or community with which IFAD works. This reaches far beyond IFAD itself.

IFADAsia is fully collaborative; all members can add their own content (new, blogs, events, discussions, resources, images and videos), and can rate and comment on the content of others. Content is published immediately, which facilitates conversations.

Each site nominates a host, who takes responsibility for monitoring content posted within the site, and developing and mentoring the community.


IFADAsia is cost saving...

  • Developed, maintained and hosted in-house by IFAD’s ICT division

  • Reduces dependence on email and associated data storage requirements

  • More sustainability and longevity than online networks implemented via a regional grant projects

  • Reduces the need for build and maintenance of independent project and country programme sites

  • Online networking supplements face-to-face networking, reduces the need for travel and emissions

  • Shared calendars and resource libraries increase operational effectiveness

  • Supports eLearning, which can lead to reduction of L&D costs

IFADAsia helps improve results...

  • Empowers all members of the IFAD network to share their knowledge

  • Breaks down silo culture

  • Supports South-South Cooperation

  • Developed on the same CMS platform as other IFAD, FAO and WFP websites; this facilitates sharing of content

  • Sites of closed projects will always remain searchable

  • Connects PTA with regional staff

  • Not only open to IFAD staff—which increases sharing with partner organisations

  • Harmonises the activities of different regional divisions

  • All site hosts can manage multiple mailing lists within the portal, and can create and send eNewsletters to their own communities

  • Expansion into a second region (NEN) is underway, which will add an even greater degree of connectivity


Harnessing Social media

IFADAsia provides an online space which is designed and built to meet IFAD operational needs. It harnesses social media technology for professional rather than personal needs.

It first with current IFAD social media guidelines; it can connect to and be complemented by mainstream social media tools such as Twitter, Yammer, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Today Asia...tomorrow a global network?

Although the network now serves just projects and country programmes in Asia and the Pacific, it was built to add other regions, country programmes, communities and projects at virtually no cost.

Other sites within the portal can have different names, different design templates and different URLs, but still be connected through the IFAD IT platform into one global network.



What can you do on IFADAsia?

  • Find & connect with people

  • Access loan & grant project  information

  • Search for & read interesting content

  • Find out about & promote events

  • Discuss & debate issues

  • Share your knowledge

  • eLearning

  • Develop relations with co-financiers

  • Develop strong thematic  communities

  • Spaces for working groups

  • Webinars


If you are unsure how to get started, you can take a look at our help section (links at top and bottom of each page). If you would like to know more, or get involved with building the IFADAsia community, please contact Cleona Wallace.



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